We only recommend products that have the health and safety of your pet and your family in mind.


We believe that feeding dogs and cats a nutritionally balanced, natural diet, free of additives and preservatives will provide immediate benefits for your pet.  The raw diets or dried kibble we recommend will more closely match your dog or cat's ancestral diet and help them to live a long and happy life.  Most times, the problems that require special care and treatment can be traced to the fillers and preservatives found in most pet foods.  "Low grade" allergies lead to sensitivities to any irritations and will  create problems with skin and coat, eyes and ears, and temperament.  In less than two weeks, even older dogs and cats will show the benefits of a healthier diet with better skin and coats, and clearer eyes and ears.  Whether your pet works and competes for trophies & ribbons, or only for your love and attention we can help you ensure them a long, happy and healthy life.