​​Beidelyn Swedish Vallhunds

Our breeding program is carefully planned to produce puppies that meet the Swedish Vallhund breed standard, and enhance and maintain the quality of the breed for its intended purpose - herding.  

We exhaustively research the pedigrees of all sires and dams to produce puppies with the greatest potential.  Our sires and dams are certified with the recommended health clearances, (hips, elbows and eyes) to ensure that before they are born, our puppies have the greatest potential for success so we can guarantee them to be healthy and sound.  Even from the same litter, not all puppies will compete or work at the highest levels, but we guarantee that all of our puppies can provide you the highest levels of joy and happiness!

We employ the "Super Puppy" (Early Neurologic Stimulation) from 3 days to 16 weeks.  Once their ears and eyes are open, we bombard them with sights and sounds in order to desensitize and socialize them as much as possible.  At 49 days each puppy is Apptitude Tested using the Volhard Method.  This helps us in deciding which puppy is best suited for the homes we have waiting.